What didn’t you think you could do?

We all have our dreams — climbing mountains, running marathons, being on Game of Thrones,…

Now, I haven’t done any of the above things, but I think everyone of us has done something we didn’t think possible before. Something remarkable that we couldn’t have imagined doing.

Do you have a list of those things? It could help you.

When we’re confronted by a new challenge, by something we’ve never done before, we can be anxious or scared. And that’s natural. The unknown terrifies us. Sometimes, we need a little faith and courage to help us embrace the challenge.

That is why a handy list of audacious feats of our heroic past is a good thing to have in our adventure gear.

For inspiration, here are some things I didn’t think I could do:

  • going to Mexico and learning Spanish

  • spending 2.5 months in San Francisco after high school

  • meeting Phil Libin, previous CEO of Evernote

  • running multiple half-marathons

  • writing 70 000 words in less than 45 days

But it’s not just the big things I didn’t think were possible that matter, it’s also the little things:

  • Doing 3 handstand push-ups in a row

  • Meditating every day for months at a time

  • Forgoing a muffin after lunch (damn bakeries next to restaurants!)

So that’s a brainstorming foothold for you.

Do you need some more courage, confidence, and faith in yourself?

What didn’t you think you could do?

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