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2 key components in an effective information environment

Why are games so effective and addictive? Why isn’t work that much fun?

There might be lots of reasons but lets take a look at 2 particular types of components central to games.

Numeric dashboards

Games include dashboards so that the player can at a glance or two assess where they are. They see the most crucial inventory, their ability levels, special effects at their disposal and much much more.

These dashboards are often complex, but still serve their purpose since we are able to switch from overview mode to zeroing in on a particular number.

They are all a part of one information environment and can be viewed with great flexibility.

Immediate next actions

In game you know if you can dig, fight, open, or talk. You understand the actions you can take and know what to press or click to get a certain result.

This in combination with dashboard means you can move fluidly from assessment to action and back, creating interaction loop.

Think about how you could create a good dashboard and clearly indicate the next actions you can take immediately.