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Bad mood? Here are 3 tips to help you

Yesterday, some meetings went in an unexpected way and threw me off. My usually bright mood darkened and I was bitter and annoyed. I needed to get out that state.

Fortunately, I can go into the woods to relax, but even if you don’t have that luxury, you can get out of a bad mood by doing a couple things. Here are techniques I use.

Go take a walk

Jason Fried, the founder of Basecamp, said in a recent interview that when he needs to think about a problem, he goes for a walk. In my opinion, changing your physical perspective also helps change the mental one, allowing for a more positive angle from which to view current situation. Simply taking a walk can help you see your current predicament differently.

Think long-term

When we encounter a problem, we focus on now, short-term. It feels like the problem is all there is in the world. It feels like our life depends on solving it.

If I realize I’m feeling like that. I sit back and try to see the big picture. I like to imagine my life as a story of a book character, viewing my current struggles as only a brief period of bad fortune.

I also ask myself: where am I going with this? Is this the only way to get there? If this doesn’t work, what else can get me there? I shift to a long-term perspective, which helps me set aside the feelings and deal with the problem with a cool head.

Change your physical state

Go for a run, dance to your favorite song, do something physical, watch a funny video, clean your place… Do something that usually puts you in a good state of mind. It could also be a conversation with a friend, which has the added benefit of possible good advice. For me personally, I’ve found that running a few miles can absolutely turn my frown upside down.

These 3 activities work for me. Do they work for you? Try them out!