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Clarity through causality

A powerful person can pull the strings and have things taken care of.

But they have to know which strings to the pull. That comes from understanding how things work (people, technology, mind, body…) and then acting.

If we want the world to react to us in productive manner, we need to understand the causes and effects that make it work. And we need to have a vision of the effect we want to have and seek to cause it. Then find a chain of sub-causes and sub-effects that lead to the greatest effect we can have as humans.

That’s the hard part, so we can get stuck.

When we are unclear and unsure of what to do, it’s typically because we don’t understand how what we can cause would lead to a desired effect.

Clarity means seeing a causal chain from the current situation to the outcome.

It can be achieved by comparing tasks and objectives and thinking.

I need to do this because then… If this is true, then this must follow… If I do this, either A or B will happen, in case A I will do… To do this, I would need to have done that and that… What probability do I need to increase to get more sales? What actions can lead to that?

All these possibilities reveal the causality of reality. The best entrepreneurs set in motion events to the greatest effect possible and effectively manage many simultaneously unfolding chains within a system.

Discover as many causal links as you can. If you’re stuck, switch up the goals and tasks to see which has the highest likelihood of an outsized effect. Then act.