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Cultivate non-linear thinking to be more awesome

Einstein didn’t approach physics purely through equations, he used his imagination and thought geometrically.

Aha! moments don’t happen when working with one’s head down.

Profound epiphanies don’t come in the middle of a meeting.

Great discoveries don’t happen by connecting the obvious dots.

They come from connecting the dots far apart. They come from copying what works in one industry and translating it into another. They come from combining two things no one combined before.

Our unconscious mind is entirely non-linear. Let it work its magic.

Ask yourself weird questions to prompt it. Why is water in the ocean salty?

Draw an idea, if you can’t write it. Or gesticulate it.

Learn about obscure math, physics, psychology, astronomy, or technology.

Computers think linearly super well. Don’t compete with them.

Be curious, brainstorm problems without limits, prod the boundaries of what you know.

Think non-linearly.