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Do you need a complex solution?

An iPhone is a complex solution, Alexa is a complex solution, Google is a complex solution.

Often when we have a problem, the first instinct is to look for the quick solution. For the solution that is perfectly fit to our situation right now and therefore can be readily and easily applied.

Such solutions are rare. At least for non-trivial problems.

The other type of solution is a complex solution. When we need a complex solution we can either create it ourselves or we can use complex solution from someone else.

If we create it ourselves, it requires a lot of effort but over time, the solution is more and more fit to our needs and yields more and more benefits.

If we use someone else’s complex solution, it requires comparatively little effort but we sacrifice benefits in the long term because there is not a direct fit.

I’m trying to solve one of those complex problems at the moment. I am a voracious infovore, meaning I consume large amounts of information daily. How can I organize it more effectively?

It is not simple to organize ones findings and thoughts in a way that is easily accessible and effective. But if I do it well, then I will reap the benefits of my particular complex solution possibly for decades. That should pay off.

Take aproblem you’re grappling with. Does it make sense to create your own complex solution?