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Don’t get into energy debt

Juice is not good for you, generally speaking. Mainstream juices contain waaayy too much sugar.

I had three half-juice-half-water glasses in the morning and I suspect that’s what messed up my energy. I felt tired and unfocused.

In the evening, I had some ice cream. It was good. And then the energy levels tanked again, and again I felt tired, drained and unfocused.

Too much sugar, too much carbs, too much starches, they mess us up. They act like an energy loan. Instead of money, you get a lot of energy upfront. And then you start paying, with interest.

It creates spikes and deep valleys. The problem is that the valleys compounded with negative thoughts can cause negative ripple effects throughout the whole day.

Minimize the valleys and you have a more sustainable energy levels throughout the day, leading to more reliable focus.

Don’t consume too much sugar or carbs, eat some healthy fat and protein instead. Don’t get into energy debt.