Don’t work, ship

Don’t work, ship

Working is isolated. You can work forever, research, fiddle, doubt, but until you ship nothing has changed in the world.

Plan changes, make them, and ship them.

Working forever without showing your thing to the world is easy. Shipping is harder.

But shipping is energizing, even if it means learning that your thing sucks.

  • I once led a workshop and saw how disengaged and bored people were. The psychological pain of having shipped something I made and seeing it work less than ideally led me to reflect deeply about the changes that were needed.
  • I shipped my thoughts in the form of a blog post every day for 90 days and felt as if I was on a mission.
  • I shipped the early version of our extension and saw many people didn't use it even once. That led to changes in design and approach to building the extension.

Shipping exposes you to feedback, feedback makes you better (if you accept it and don't let your ego block you.)

Ship to the world.

Can't ship directly to the world?

Ship to your teammate. Ship to a friend. But ship.

Ship. Ship. Ship.

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