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Dopamine decompression

Likes and hearts feel good, don’t they?

But what if you got some more work to do?

You know you have to switch from social media, but for some reason find yourself scrolling and scrolling…

Then you find the courage and start writing an email and suddenly, you switch back to social. Every time you start working it just doesn’t feel that great and social media lures you back.

No wonder.

After all the stimulation of novelty and social signals, dopamine spread through your brain and you got a little high on it.

Switching from dopamine high to boring reality is hard. It’s like rolling over from your nice warm bed straight into an ice bath. In winter. Brrrr.

So, after social media use, take a little time of. Five or ten minutes of dopamine decompression. Stare into a distance, pet a cat, make yourself a sandwich.

And then get to work. Ease into it.