Download your mind before you fall asleep

Every day, you learn something new. You meet new people, you learn new fact, you understand new concepts. But how much remains the next day?

When we wake up, we are refreshed (hopefully). That comes with having a clean slate. Yesterday’s thoughts are cleaned up. The thing is, sometimes they are cleaned up rather lazily. It’s like your brain’s housekeeper is a messy roommate of your productive self. It can throw things that you need in trash, sweep away the new fresh insights, and hide the desire to do that thing you need to get done somewhere it can’t be found.

But before you can be productive, you need to load that important information from yesterday into your mind. If you do it effectively, you can dive in and work. If you don’t, you can end up procrastinating on social media and checking email.

To prevent the latter, make sure to record what you don’t want to forget before you fall asleep.

Take a piece of paper and do a brain dump of information that’s bouncing restlessly in your head. It will remind you of the important points after you wake up and get you up to speed so that you’re more effective.

Is there new information that you haven’t recorded for yourself today?

Are there new discoveries you should capture before going to bed?

If so, don’t let them get erased.

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