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Emphasize the best in your day, have more best days

What are the activities you do every day?

Work? Drinking coffee? Exercise? Sleep?

How do they feel? Are they awesome or not?

If they are less then great, there’s room for improvement.

Maybe you can work outside with pen and paper instead of hunching over a laptop.

Maybe you can add coconut cream and salt to your coffee.

Maybe you can buy wooden gymnastic rings to have a greater variety of exercises and thus a more fun workout.

Or maybe a sleeping mask would help you fall asleep faster.

Often, we chase goals. Money, followers, status,… But day after day, the process of life unfolds.

We can assess on a scale of 1 to 10 how we feel doing any activity and with a tiny bit of effort and consideration nudge them up a notch or two or even three.

If we do this accross many types of activities, the resulting mood won’t be a little better, it will compound and make us happier and our life more harmonious.

If you got a few minutes, maybe a casual rating of the activities you carry out might be a good way to spend it.

How many 3 point activities are there in your day? Could you make them 5s or 6s?

Could you make 6s into 9s? What adjustments would it take?

Make your days as good as they can be.