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Examine the culturally accepted

Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, sleep deprivation… If we accept or tolerate these, what else can we?

During the centuries, accross the world, various bizarre customs have been widely accepted by society. Mass sacrifices, burning at the stake, people being declared saint,…

While today’s world is different, every culture, subculture, and group have their own strange traditions and views that are accepted and tolerated.

Screen time. Social media. Partying on the weekends. Smoking pot every day. Drinking. Being carefree. Obeying the rules.

What might be something that a group you are a part of accepts and tolerates, that does not in fact serve you or the group?

Examine the culture you live in because it can contain needlessly harmful elements.

If you are in a position to change it significantly, take a stance.

If you can create your own better culture and spread it, do so. That’s what companies and startups try to do.

Groups act as a behavior catalyst, question what they encourage.