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Experiment, replicate success, repeat

Any significant pursuit means solving a lot of problems.

Some problems are simple, some are not.

The complex problems are hard to crack. They require creative, multi-step solutions that don’t have to work at first.

The odds of solving a complex problem at once are tiny. Why not give up?

Because you can break them into sub-problems, figure out a solution to those and test it.

In other words, you conduct smaller experiments. A lot of them.

The more experiments you run, the greater number of solution can emerge.

If you find a solution to a sub-problem, you can move on to the next one.

You experiment, find a solution and move on to the next one.

If all fails, you either come up with a workaround or fail early and learn.

Once and if you assemble a set of all necessary sub-solutions, you have a complex working solution. Test that solution as well.

Then you can replicate it and scale it. And come up with another complex solution, which will give you more knowledge and presumably money or other assets.

Experiment, replicate what works, repeat. That’s the formula for success in a complex world.