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Explore alternate paths of reality

In schools, we were judged. There were grades and punishment that taught us to restrict severely what we could do. It narrowed our view of reality.

You can’t be solving a math problem, it’s chemistry! You can’t eat because you’re hungry, it’s class! You can’t write the idea you have in mind, you have to write about Hamlet!

Arbitrary restrictions. Class after class, day after day, year after year. Judgment.

I have a hunch that from this rite of passage we’ve constructed a little jugding person in our minds that is constantly telling us we should be doing something else, and definitely not that.

It’s stopping us from being spontaneous and doing what we feel like doing with conviction and lightness of touch.

Most of the time, there is no one judging us anymore. We can change things up.

We can take a different, new, unexplored route on our way to work. We can do headstands everytime we get up from the desk. We can say ‘wabadabadumdum’ when we feel like it.

And if there is some judgment coming your way, make sure it’s not from your own mind.

Dare to play with the new and the absurd, you’ll discover suprises and remake boredom and dreariness into fascination and delight.

Dare to explore alternate paths of reality. Go!