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Extreme push to a new height makes everything easier

When you’ve run a half-marathon or a full marathon, you’re not afraid of 5k.

When you’ve fasted for a day, you’re not stressed about skipping a meal.

When you’ve worked on something for 8 hours straight, you’re not afraid of a ~30 min session.

The extreme informs the average. The extreme creates a sharp contrast.

That sharp contrast of enormous effort to minute effort makes the day-to-day stuff easily surmountable.

When you only see a contrast between 6k run and 5k run, you may find yourself stressed about every meter. When you’ve run a marathon, you don’t sweat the 7th kilometer.

In the domain of mental effort, when you’ve made significant, outward facing, critical changes to your business or a project, you’ll not sweat a different shade of green of the logo.

When you’re motivated, focused, suddenly inspired, use that energy to push to a new height. Create a new record, a new standard.

That will make everything else easier in comparison.

If you’ve been too focused on the minutiae, it’s time to go extreme.