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Failure is the default state

If you don’t begin, you’ve failed.

You’ve lost the game.

Any action you take will make you un-fail, un-lose a little. It will move you an inch closer to succeeding.

Sometimes that action itself also fails, but that’s to be expected. It produces learning, which reduces the number of other ways to approach the game.

This applies to big projects and small actions.

If you aren’t writing the article you had in mind, you are failing in real-time. Every second of not writing it is failure.

If you don’t make that phone call, you’ve already lost the opportunity.

If you don’t ask someone out, you’ve already lost a chance to have a meaningful relationship.

In many ways, in many areas, we’ve all already failed. We’ve lost the game before it had a chance to play out. There is nothing left to fear because the losing scenario is reality as it is this moment.

If you don’t want to live with a particular failure, you have no choice but to act.

The default state is failure, not potential success.

You’ve already lost unless you do something now.

Are you going to?