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Feedback eliminates uncertainty & risk

When an archer shoots, their feedback is hitting the target or missing it. What if a device attached to the bow beeped when the angle and direction would be just right? Hitting the target would be nigh certain.

That’s the power of feedback.

Unfortunately, it’s missing from much of knowledge work. The more stages a project has, the less feedback we tends to receive.

The longer we abstain from feedback, the more we risk going down fruitless alleys.

Lack of feedback, disregard of feedback, misrepresentation of feedback — those all lead to death.

Are you a thinker?

The more you have a tendency to think, abstract, analyze, and ponder, the more you have to seek feedback consciously.

The more you have to put what you’ve thought of into the world.

Is it a new idea? Is it truthful or helpful? Is it a strategy? Does it work in reality? Is it a task? Does it lead to a product?

That’s how you course-correct. That’s how you hit the target. Think and do.