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Focus on decisions, not time

If someone tells you a story of how they proposed to their loved one, they don’t mention that it took 0:07 seconds to hear yes.

We hear about time management more than decision making, but the decisions are what determines the time spent doing something. A full calendar that requires time management was a decision, an empty one also.

Let’s focus on the cause, not the effect.

Decisions determine the quality of our lives. They set the direction.

Pasta or salad? Exercise or watching TV? Yes, no?

What matters is the decision, not the time measure. Time will pass whether we want it or not, how it will pass for us is a matter of our decisions. If we make our decisions thoughtfully, we’ll benefit in the future, if not we’ll suffer.

From the most basic choice of to live, or not to live, every other choice stems.

Choose well.