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From ‘makes sense’ to ‘works’

From LEGO to web apps, I like to build things. But how do I create something useful to others?

That’s a big question, so I’ll take on only a part of it.

What makes sense?

If you’re making something and there is a problem, look for what makes sense. Not what’s expected, not what’s expedient, not what’s convenient or easy. What makes sense?

I love finding things that make sense. But that’s only the first part. The theory.

What works?

When a thing makes sense, it clicks on a theoretical level, but when it works, it’s real. By looking for what works and what doesn’t, we can actually build on reality and ensure that what made sense in our heads still makes sense in the wild.

And when something works, we can double down and exploit the opportunity untill we find the next thing that makes sense and test if it really works.

By trying to understand what makes sense and seeing what works, we have a better chance of making something real and useful.