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Gaze at the stars

Gaze at the stars

Work coming from all sides, projects proliferating, mind overflowing… what to do? That’s easy, look at the sky!

They discovered that participants who felt awe for just a moment or two (triggered by watching a video of a natural wonder, for example) felt they had more time available later in the day for their own goals, were less impatient, and were also more willing to volunteer time to help others. — Jane McGonigal, SuperBetter

A few days ago, I was walking home around midnight. There were no cars, no one around, only the silence of a country side asleep and me.

I thought, as I normally do. When I was almost home, I looked at the stars. First I glanced up shyly, but then I stopped and really gazed at the full view.

I laughed.

All my thoughts and the problems of everyday life disappeared. I stared at those twinkling dots of light and was reminded of the fact that our planet is such a tiny part of the universe.

The stars pulled me from the minutae and shown me the bigger picture.

If that’s what you need now, go. Gaze at the stars and be awed!

“Awe Expands People’s Perception of Time, Alters Decision Making, and Enhances Well-Being,”Psychological Science 23, no. 10 (2012): 1130–36.