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How many ways can you see the world?

Are you a coder? A marketer? A designer? A manager? A systems thinker? A writer?

We might call these labels or professions, but they are really filters. Filters on reality that make it look different from what it is. A biologist sees a flower differently than a child. A coder sees websites differently. A designer sees fonts and colors differently…

These filters are different kinds of thinking. The more filters you have, the more possibilities and details you can see, rendering you a more versatile thinker.

Charlie Munger said that you can get the big ideas of various disciplines quickly, with a fraction of an effort required to master these disciplines fully.

Those big ideas are often the fundamental parts of these filters. A few big pieces will put together a fairly accurate picture.

On Instagram, you have many filters to choose from. Why? A) it’s more fun and B) you can choose the best filter for the particular image.

Acquire more of reality filters. You will have a greater range of thinking and more fun in the stunning world we live in.