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Invest like you brush your teeth

We all invest every day. We invest our effort, our attention, and our willpower. But do we invest it wisely?

Investing is a broad concept. You sacrifice some now to have more in the future. If you invest effort well, you will get money. If you invest money well, you will get more. If you invest attention well, you will have better relationships.

It’s all about making small bets that can pay off big.

When you brush your teeth, you invest a little effort every day in your teeth being healthy. The payoff is having teeth. That’s smart.

Do you invest in the rest of your body like that?

Do you invest in your mind like that?

It’s easy to not do it. It’s easy to skip a day when exercising. It’s easy to not learn anything useful in a day. But then it’s only going to be harder tomorrow.

A good investment will yield much more than you originally put in. That’s how millionaires become billionaires. But the rich aren’t the only ones investing, you are too.

How will you invest your effort, attention, and willpower today to have a better tomorrow?