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Keep things in sight

Out of sight, out of mind works unfortunately well in the digital world. How can we keep the important things in sight then?

It’s easy to forget that useful file you created or that email you wanted to read (speaking from experience here). But what if they matter? Then the forgetfulness is costing you time and money.

The digital landscape is disjointed and easily disorganized. It forces us to keep more things in the mind than we can or we should. But there are ways to help ourselves.

Here’s a few ways to externalize what we could forget:

  • Keep a note on your desk until you’re done with it

  • Tape important paper to the wall in front of you

  • Schedule a reminder in your calendar

  • Make it an object (souvenirs could serve for work too)

  • Create a habit of reviewing one or two important files every day

I use these as needed to not forget the insights, objectives, and tasks that matter.

What do you use?