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Learn to slow down time

Learn to slow down time

We can slow down time. At least, our perception of it.

How we perceive time changes from moment to moment. We can feel like we don’t have enough time or feel like we have all the time in the world, regardless of how much actual time we have. It’s about how we look at it.

Time affluence = the feeling that one has sufficient time to pursue activities that are personally meaningful, to reflect, to engage in leisure.
Time poverty = the feeling that one is constantly stressed, rushed, overworked, and behind Source

We can alter our perception of time to feel time affluent.

If we do something for the first time, we have to pay close attention to it and force ourselves to be focused on the present moment. As a result, time flows slower for us and we feel like we have more time on our hands.

Another tactic that can slow down our perception of time is meditation or focused slow breathing.

The ability to be time rich can be learned. It’s a real-life superpower because if you feel time affluent you also spend more time working towards your goals and are generally happier.

Here are some more examples of training time affluence:

  • doing something new

  • going to new places

  • experiencing a feeling of power

  • experiencing awe

  • spending time to help someone else

  • meditation

  • deciding spontaneously to do something

So take some time and try it out!