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Let the subconscious solve your problems

A shower, a walk, a lunch — what do they have in common?

Yes, those are the times where good ideas come. Where solutions appear.

The subconscious mind is amazingly powerful. Take language. You don’t think about the words you’re going to say. You say them. Not to mention you can command more languages than one. It is amazing how you can just do things that a child has to spend weeks, months, or years learning. All thanks to the subconscious.

I decided to meditate today as I do. I sat, started to focus on my breath… And soon my thoughts drifted off. When I caught myself thinking after a while, I realized that I had come up with a new marketing approach for my business. Without setting out to do it!

Whatever problems are present in your life, no matter how grave they may seem, take a break. Do nothing. Or meditate, or take a walk. Do not sit at a computer. (Paper & pen allowed, however.)

Get out of the focused mode of work. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes of idling.

The subconscious is always working on your behalf, as programmed by evolution. But you have to let it work it’s magic and not shut it out by endless focused engagement.