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Off day? No, a recharge day

Even the most productive and creative people get stuck. What do you do when it happens?

The common cycle might go like this:

  1. you don’t feel good, you’re confused, demotivated, tired,…

  2. then you aren’t as productive as you would want to be

  3. then you start to think negatively about yourself

  4. back to 1.

That’s a vicious cycle that can be easily avoided with a re-framing of the situation.

The world we live in is complex and will continue to confound us. That’s reality. Look at it as an opportunity to regroup and regenerate.

You can always take a nap. You can always take a walk. You can always clean up your room.

There is a large number of small things that will add up to make the tomorrow better.

When you wake up rested in a tidy room the next day, you’ll feel proud and productive.

Off days will happen. Expect them and deal with them intelligently. Do what you can to recharge, keep your inner monologue neutral, if not positive, and set yourself up for a better tomorrow. It will be better.