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One reason why games are addictive and how to use it in life

There was a time in my life where I would spend up to 16 hours playing a stupid online game. Well, maybe not so stupid, since it held my attention in a vise-like grip. How can games do that so well?

One reason is having clearly defined, apparent goals at every step of the way.

There are always clear goals, requirements, achievements, item effects… that help mind hold a vivid image of where we’re trying to get.

Moreover, in a good game, there are several different types of goals we’re trying to achieve simultaneously. See below.

So to use this in our lives, we need to play a role of a game designer. We need to clarify our own goals and put numbers, items and requirements to them.

Imagine how you might define goals for yourself if you were a character in a game.

What would be the overarching goal of your adventure?

What would be the first checkpoint? What the second? And the third?

What would be the side-quests that would give you the equipment you need?

How can you clarify each of these goals to have a definite sense of the path ahead?

Also, how can you connect everyday activities to them?

Life can be an adventure. If you design it like one.