Only a Sith deals in absolutes

Can you see the shades of gray?

Social media and standard media (especially in the US) have become rather black and white. Fox News vs CNN.

But the world ain’t black and white. There are all kinds of gray area hidden in any field. Nuance that the uninitiated do not understand.

It’s easy to say something is despicable beyond comprehension, because it saves you the trouble of finding a way to comprehend it.

It’s easy to say a person is an utter madman, when in fact they are a person who acted in a reasonable way according to them for their entire life, just like you.

There are stages between good and bad but if you refuse to see them, you’ll see an overemphasized caricature of reality.

Can you see the shades of gray? Can you accept reality to be more complex, more uncertain than right or wrong?

Or are you willing to believe a simplified narrative to be comfortable and right?

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