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Reality is chaotic, not normal

We view reality with the sense that some things are normal. They are not.

For a person from Burma, Prague would not be normal.

For a person from 150 years ago, the developed world would seem utterly crazy.

For a toddler, every single thing is new and fascinating. Nothing is normal.

Normal is an illusion. A useful one to work with, but an illusion.

A 100 years from now, what the norm is today will seem bizarre.

What we call reality is a mind-bogglingly complex chaotic system. All the norms and the rules of it were defined or described by people before us. They are not set in stone, they are maleable.

With individual and collective effort we can shift them to a better direction.

Every action we take can produce a butterfly effect that will alter ever so slightly the destiny of humanity. A kind word, a generous gesture, a work of art.

Let’s nudge the norms to be ever more positive and ever less negative. Especially in the online space.