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Remove artificial limits on your freedom

Freedom is high on any person’s list of priorities in life, don’t you think?

But how free are we?

We let others constrain what we can do with their expectations and judgment. “Normal people don’t do this…” “This is weird…” “If I were you, I would…”

(Some stigmata needlessly act as a concrete wall in our behavior.)

And then we constrain ourselves with our own self-image and our dominant patterns of behavior. “I’m not good at that…” “From 2pm to 4pm I always do this…”

This actual lack of freedom isn’t necessarily bad, but when it clashes with our goals and well-being and limits our ability to creatively actualize ourselves, then it bars the way of progress and leads into plateaus or declines.

To go upward, to adapt, we need to think creatively in a given situation. We won’t do that best when we accept limits from others and ourselves.

When you find yourself closing off a creative possibility, ask yourself: why am I limiting myself?