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Return to what you once learned

From the science of learning we know that if you re-read something once a couple months, you will retain it and remember it.

Then, if you remember the content, you can revive the meaning of it and use it in a relevant situation, leading to a survival advantage.

The problem is that we live in a highly ‘current’ time. We seek the new constantly. Facebook post from 5 days ago? Who cares. New. New. New.

And so the new drowns out that which we learned a few months ago. We don’t use the perspectives we’ve acquired. We’ve forgotten the tips, tricks, and techniques that once seemed so crucial to us and we’ve let diffirent parts of our mind dwindle and die.

Take a look at the bookshelf (or digital library) and reflect on the books that sit there. See if you can remember the main points. If you recall that a book really influenced your thinking, maybe leaf through it again and see if the information holds true.

Return to what you once learned. Learn it again if it’s useful.