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Slow movement, slow time

In superhero movies, stopping time really means stopping all movement.

Time is movement.

And the feeling of rush in the present is created by too many things moving about, tangible and intangible. Too many people, too many emails, too many messages… whizzing around you like a swarm of angry bees.

The rush is dizzying and spectacular, but ultimately empty. It makes you fast where slow would be better and slow where fast counts. The rush is often imaginary and unnecessary.

So if you limit the movement, time will flow slower around you. Let emails be. Let tweets twittering. Let likes accumulate. Find a less frequented stop.

You will feel you can take your time to do things well and focus again.

In the brain, perfect timing is not about slow or fast, but about precise. If signals fire too late, you drop the ball. If they fire too early, it bounces right off. Only when they fire optimally, you can play the game.