Stairway to heaven and a slide to hell

When you wake up, you have a choice: exercise or not exercise?

This is one of the many choices you make every day that share a certain characteristic — one is good for you and the other isn’t.

In short, it’s a stairs-vs-slide situation.


Stairs require effort. You’re going up. But you don’t have to jump from the bottom to the top at once, no. You take the individual steps.

Eating a salad, instead of a burger. Drinking water instead of soda. Walking instead of taking a bus. Sleeping instead of YouTube videos.

The more stairs you take, the better off you are.


Slides mean ease and short-lived fun. They aren’t infinite and every time you ride one, you gotta go back up the stairs.

You can take a slide once in a while, no problem, you just have to make sure to take the stairs the next time.

Sure, let yourself slide once a while, but most of the time take the stairs, step by step.

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