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Stuck? Pessimistic? Imagine more ways forward

Donald Miller of StoryBrand said that when he gets stuck, he writes down 25 what if … statements. And then, suddenly, he begins to see ways forward.

This exercise works. What if is what fuels our imagination and suspends our disbelief.

If you can’t see a way forward, you’ll be negative. No wonder.

If you see only 1 way, you’ll maybe be a little hopeful and a whole lot stressed.

If you see 25 ways forward, you’ll be a whole lot hopeful and also more strategic.

You’ll think in positive possibilities: what if I could do that? Would it be so hard?

The more pathways forward you can think of, the more hope you’ll have.“ — Jane McGonigal, SuperBetter

Write down 25 what-if paths and you’ll have hope. You’ll be more optimistic. You’ll see the possibilities.