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The root of ‘easy for you to say’

The internet is full of advice for achieving success. But even though the advice can be good, it may feel like cheating to us. We might say: easy for you to say! Why?

There are 2 general types of advice.

Knowledge advice

This is about high level ideas, perspectives, and concepts.

Ask yourself: what would you regret not doing when you are 80? Look on the bright side of life. Be grateful for what you have.

This advice is aimed to help us think better and thus to change our mind. Crucially, you don’t have to do anything to get it. You hear the idea, comprehend the language and understand the meaning.

Action advice

This is about tasks, behaviors, and decisions.

Write a daily blog. Post every day on social. Set aside 10% of your pay for retirement.

This advice is about doing. Creating a thing, going to a place, adopting a behavior. And that’s hard. Harder than just thinking. You have to take the leap, it isn’t enough to decode the meaning of a sentence. And that is easy for you to say territory.

Discern the two types of advice if you want to use the information you consume well.

Is it enough to think? Or do you have to do?

Because there are places thinking will not ever get you to.