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To-do list too crowded? Try a to-see list

How to effectively prioritize when work is infinite?

That’s one of the most important questions.

To get an answer to it, we need to achieve a state of clarity. I believe clarity is strongly tied to seeing cause-effect links between individual goals and tasks in the mind.

But you can’t see that in a to-do list, there’s only boxes.

So what if we changed them to arrows?

A to-see list (see with clarity)A to-see list (see with clarity)

What if we took all the general directions we could work towards and with simple arrows assigned the desired outcomes to them? Wouldn’t that help see work with clarity?

It’s a really simple visualization technique to triage work based on the most necessary outcomes, but I’ve found it insightful.

I’m going to use it more, charting out known and potential cause-effect links to better see the principles of my business.

Could a to-see list help you? Try it.