Today I ran to chase away vultures

I used to hit the road and run for an hour. Today, I ran again, huffing and puffing. But not because I wanted to.

I haven’t run in ages and doubts were gathering like vultures, wanting to peck at my running self-confidence.

What if I’m slow as a snail? What if I can’t even finish my usual distance without stops? What if…

Vultures were circling.

But these vultures don’t just focus on running. They fly wherever doubt replaced confidence.

Say I haven’t coded anything in a week. Am I able to program as well as I used to?

There is one way to destroy the doubts.

Do whatever causes them in the first place.

Back to running. Today I chased away the vultures of doubt when I ran to catch a train. I made it, and my time was not bad at all, even though I had a hefty backpack on my back.

And as I ran through the center of Prague, I was reminded of how running felt. I felt energy in my body that I haven’t felt in weeks of staring at the screen of my laptop.

I’m sitting on the train now, content. I won today. It’s a tiny victory and only significant to me, but nevertheless worth celebrating.

If you haven’t done something in ages and the vultures of doubt are gathering near you, don’t let them peck at your confidence. Chase them away.

Do something you haven’t done in a long time and celebrate the victory.

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