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Untangle yourself

Wanna know the winning formula for sickness?

Sickness = Lack of sleep + physical exhaustion + prolonged cold exposure

Every time I’ve been sick, it could be mapped to a combination of these three elements, together weakening my immune system to the point where illness could flourish.

Examples might include: running in a T-shirt in the wind, biking into a chilly evening in shorts, waking up early and staying up late and having an exhaustive day.

If the above is a recipe, today I caught sight of first symptoms — exhaustion, heaviness (mental and physical), non-responsiveness to coffee.

If I have a suspicion that I might be sick in the future, I will look for a feeling of heavy muscles and an overwhelming urge to lay down and sleep. That should allow me to catch it early, rest, and recuperate faster than having to let the whole sickness run through me.

I’m constantly trying to untangle the intricate knot of factors influencing my behavior — energy levels, general mood, weather, food, beverages, movement, sun exposure — and use that self-knowledge to prevent problems and enhance life.

What influences your behavior and what recipes or patterns have you found in your life?