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Use binary to think clearly

Many dichotomies are really a spectrum. Not either/or but more this kind, and less that kind. More an extrovert, less an introvert. More a dog person, less a cat person… but other dichotomies clarify one’s thinking.

Sometimes, we let our minds beat around the bush and come up with reasons for this or that. We think, over-analyze, talk things out, but we don’t do or decide. This mechanism shielding us from harsh reality or our fear of the unknown fosters stagnation. We need to disrupt it and we can do it with binary thinking.

Do you finish your work or not? Do you want that person in your life or not? Do you want to take this path or not?

You can make excuses about why you haven’t finished the work, but what counts is if you finished it or not.

You can say you want to follow your dreams, but are you following them or are you not?

You can say you want to be better at something, but are you working on it or not?

Binary thinking cuts away the noise. It forces us to distill to an essential fork in the road. And it forces us to confront our own fears and be real.

Will you use this in your own life or not?