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Use tail-end inspiration deliberately

The conscious mind forgets most of yesterday, but the unconscious doesn’t. How could you use it to be more creative?

Every article you read, every conversation you have, every video you watch, they remain in the mind longer than you might think. They can resurface in the form of a random connection in the following days. It could be a phrase you recall, a person’s name, or a line from a song that perfectly fit your situation.

That’s the tail-end inspiration.

A steady, sustained information diet of quality written word, videos, podcasts or actual conversations creates a foundation for not only the immediate next actions, but also the serendipitous creative connections that can spawn breakthroughs.

Choose what you consume carefully. Social media newsfeeds and random clickbait YouTube videos don’t make for an effective creative. Quality content from interesting people does.

Are you harnessing tail-end inspiration?