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We think in trends

We often see the value of something only when we lose it.

When we lose something valuable, we’re experiencing a sudden steep downward trend. That feels bad.

The trend is not about the absolute value. A poor man can lose $50 and feel the same as a rich man losing $50 million. There are multiple cases of rich people committing suicide while still having millions in the bank because of a sudden downward trend.

On the other hand, if we experience a sudden positive trend, it feels great. More friends, more followers, more money,… More is human nature. Upward trend drives us.

We also care about the steepness of the trend. Being a billionaire at 23 is the trend people think about when they read Mark Zuckerberg.

A to B through time. Trends are powerful drivers of behavior.

If you want to use this power, find a trend in what you do or create it and chart it out. Up and to the right.