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What are you gonna do with it?

When I bought my first laptop, I told my parents it was for school. It wasn’t. I wanted to play a stupid online game.

In the first few years of its use, it wasn’t a good investment. In time, however, I learned to program on that laptop and that skill paid the initial cost many times over.

Recently, I bought a good microphone and an iPad with Apple Pencil. The mic to experiment with audio, and the iPad to experiment with drawing and design. These investments have not paid off yet, but I am determined to make them.

In the meantime, these items are on my desk and whenever I look at them, they whisper to me: You bought me, what are you going to with me?

There are people who have the best tools in the world and yet what they do is mundane, menial, and meaningless. And then there are people who shape the reality with the simplest tools available.

Chances are you have a powerful tool or two at your disposal (maybe in your hand right now), so the question is:

What are you gonna do with it?