What can you do for your tomorrow’s self?

We’re not good at long-term thinking. We underestimate how long projects take, don’t take actions today that would help us in the future and forgo the long-term benefit for short-term pleasure.

Too bad for us. Long-term thinking is a prerequisite for a good life. Exercising, eating healthy, saving money, learning new skills,… those are all good for us in the long term and are simultaneously sources of great struggle.

So, how to train ourselves to think more long-term?

Tomorrow you’ll wake up and face challenges of all kinds. Emails, demands, messages, conversations,… It may not be easy. But here’s the thing: right now, you can do things that will make tomorrow better — more organized, more peaceful, more fun.

To find them, ask yourself a question: What can you do for your tomorrow’s self?

What tasks can you tick off? What information can you acquire? What schemes can you set in motion?

If you train yourself to lookout for your tomorrow’s self, your days will become more productive, more fun, more meaningful.

All it takes is a moment of consideration. That moment is now.

What can you today that will make your tomorrow just a bit better?

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