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What’s a smart way to deal with this?

Stuff comes at you every day, fast. How do you handle it well?

You can dive in. Like a boxer bob and weave, punch and take hits. Into the fray.

Or you can take a moment to step back. Ask yourself:

Given this situation, what’s a smart way to deal with this?

How can I eliminate this type of problem?

How can I solve this so that it doesn’t come up again?

A smart solution will often require more upfront effort.

It might mean altering how you behave around a troublesome person.

It might mean building a new tool to help you in your job.

It might be not dealing with something at all, it it isn’t of consequence.

The step back and evaluation will pay off, day by day, 1 % by 1 %.

Often, asking a simple question can call your best self forward.

What’s a smart way to deal with this?