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Who is planning for you?

We need structure in our lives. Without it, without routines, jobs, places to be,… we’d be lost. Every day, we would have to decide anew everything that we want to do. Our jobs, our meals, our relationships.

Since we need structure, the question is: where is it going to come from?

Will it be self-imposed? Or will others impose it on you? Or, if both, are you going to be active or passive? To what extent?

I’ve been thinking about this because as a young person who likes to challenge conventions, I thought I needed to be free. I thought structure wasn’t necessary. Well, now I think it is.

“You have freedom when you’re easy in your harness.” — Robert Frost

The key is that the structure of one’s day should be within control of oneself. It can be self-imposed or accepted from others, but it should be controlled, architected, designed.

Create and accept the structure of your day.